Robert Menard
"It Ain't the Price - It's the COST!"
"Sell for a dollar, earn a dime -
Save the same dollar, earn ten dimes"
Purchasing and Negotiation Training

On-site training

Robert Menard's ServicesSales pros receive about as much training in one year as purchasing folks do in a career! Let Robert bring his effective training to your folks, customizing the content to topics important to your workplace challenges.

We provide content coverage subject to customization to your specific needs. The two most perennially popular programs are Negotiation Training seminars and Purchasing training. Liberal elements of Contracts & Supplier Management are covered in both. Consider inviting your company sales brethren to learn how to understand the buyer!

Training seminars can be one, two, three or four days in length. For multiple day events, it is better to space out the days so the adult learner has the opportunity to down load and apply concepts. Menard has written and delivered public and private seminars around the U.S. and abroad and is an acclaimed professional speaker who combines energy and ability with humor and plentiful group participation.

To be most effective, seminars must be exercise driven with many formal and spot exercises customized to specific needs as part of the preparation. Small teams seated at round tables as shown works best as it facilitates participation. The teams report out on their issues and that input is recorded and incorporate into the post event report.

Purchasing seminars and Negotiation seminars are very esoteric and require specific and unique skills sets. It is valuable to see what satisfied clients over long periods of time have to say. Visit our On-site training Testimonials

A crucial element of any contract is Deliverables. Effective training of adults requires a set of Deliverable that complements and reinforces the seminars and provides the client with measurable, quantifiable tools that:

  • Identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Demonstrate progress in overcoming those weaknesses
  • Provide a way for clients to measure ROI

How does Purchasing Training help?

Purchasing is the most efficient profit center in business. "Sell For A Dollar; Earn A Dime; Save The Same Dollar, Earn Ten Dime" is his slogan as well a fact of business economics. Savings flow directly to the bottom line. The key is to understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) concept. The problem is that savings are often thought of as price reduction. Cost reduction yields enormously greater returns than does price reduction alone.

Consider that, according to USA Today, the average sales pro gets about 38 hours of sales training per year. That is more training than the average purchasing pro gets in a career. Further, my research shows that while about 15.5 million people in the US refer to their profession as sales, only 300,000 people refer to their profession as Purchasing. Seems like we could use a little education and training to level the playing field!

Robert MenardBob provides competent and practiced advice, education, and training in professional Purchasing Management. In purchasing training, competent expertise, combined with vibrant speaking talent and the ability to educate adults effectively is extremely rare. You'll get all of this, plus practical information in his two-day program on how to tap these profit centers.

Purchasing Management is dollars and numbers oriented, so ROI is easily measured. Purchasing is all about objective measures. We prepare individualized Pre and Post Course Assessments to identify progress toward learning goals and the effectiveness of the training. Clients receive a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the participants’ before and after positions and a Final Report of all training activity.

How does Negotiation Training help?

Everyone negotiates all the time so why not be good at it? Negotiation is the core competency of purchasing and the underpinning of the buy/sell world. Yet, virtually no business schools or corporations feature its study from a supply chain perspective.

Bob's History of applying negotiation principles to the purchasing profession generates huge ROI for his clients. Cost savings are immediate and continuous.

Have a real speaking and training pro with business expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit bring the professionalism, cost savings, and profits that come with being a skilled negotiator.

For a detailed idea of suggestions and a list of popular topics, click on any of these Popular Online Training Programs

In addition to live seminars in purchasing and negotiation education & training, the digital age is increasing the demand for online and CD/DVD media. To meet that demand, he is ramping up the production of these resources that will be available soon. There will be many one hour sessions complete with a recorded session, PPT slides, handouts and work books.