Robert Menard
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Client Testimonials

Training: Purchasing, Negotiation, and Supplier/Contracts Management

Gerry Dempsey, Director, Procurement Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Vancouver, BC Canada
While Director of Purchasing for the Lehigh Cement organization I contracted Robert firstly to deliver training on contract law and contract management to middle / senior management in numerous US and Canadian locations on the West coast. The program was well received and led to Lehigh’s corporate office in Pennsylvania also contracting Robert.

While traveling with Robert to many of our locations we had many long discussions on tactics, procurement, contracting and supply chain. I believe we learned from one another with me gaining more insight than him. Robert Menard an informed, experienced supply chain professional. If he has not worked directly in the industry he prepares extensively so that he can speak intelligently with examples that his audience can relate with. Robert can add to, or modify his volumes of material to ensure that the audience gets a custom delivery that will complement your scope of course content.

The most important part to me was that Robert can deliver this often “dry” material with levity and humor that keeps his audience engaged, often in spite of themselves. I highly recommend Robert, and hope to work with him again some day soon.”

Jim Gomes, VP Education, ISM Dallas
Your negotiation seminar in March 2007 was a great success for everyone involved. Your content expertise, speaking skill, and training ability benefited our participants.
On the business side, our team found you easy to work with, under promising and over delivering. We were pleasantly surprised that your reputation brought out such attendance that we filled the registration far in advance of the deadline. We will be in touch for future events.

Tony Hinds, Chief Purchasing Officer Parkland Hospital (TX) and El Centro Medical Center (CA)
“I first hired Robert for in 2004 for his very broad range of skills and unique combination of talents. He has a broad range of unique skills and the combination of content expertise, public speaking skill, and superb ability as a trainer that no one else in the purchasing and negotiation profession can match. I highly recommend Robert for any procurement and materiel management assignment in any industry.

Steve Oberlender, HD Supply Utilities, Dallas TX
Great negotiation seminar for ISM Dallas; I enjoyed it and took away many useful points I will apply at work.

Mary E. Walker, C.P.M., A.P.P., CPP, CPPM, CISCM. CIPTC Corporate Procurement Hagemeyer North America
Your negotiation seminar is terrific and so is your book. Robert is an exceptional person to work with and have on your team.

Richard H Hough, Executive Vice President, American Purchasing Society
“As the leader in professional procurement, the American Purchasing Society (APS) receives many requests from organizations of all sizes and industries seeking competent and proven talent for their training and/or consulting needs. APS has a duty and obligation to provide only the very talent best available in the market to serve our clients in general and the profession in particular.

Whether in purchasing, negotiation, supplier, or contracts management, we always confidently and enthusiastically recommend Robert Menard. His outstanding and unequaled credentials and reputation for results have always satisfied the client beyond expectations; indeed, his record of multiple repeat engagements speaks for itself. He is extremely knowledgeable in purchasing and negotiation, an accomplished trainer, and veteran consultant. You can not do better and will be well served to put him to work for you.”

Sandra Keeling, Accor (Hotels) North America
The many training sessions you delivered for Parkland Hospital several years ago were a major motivation to attend your ISM Dallas seminar. I am a satisfied customer and encourage others to benefit by your work in purchasing and negotiation training.

Tim Rachke, Dir. Global Procurement, Cabot Microelectronics Corporation, Aurora, IL
We were very pleased with you training services. They were focused on our specific needs which made the training much more relevant and beneficial for all the attendees.

Rick Bohan, Portland Cement Association, Skokie, IL
We recommend your services to your prospective clients Congratulations on an outstanding program...The feedback has been universally excellent and reflects on your superb presentation skills and unique insights.

Pablo Weimann, VP, Energia Petrobas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Your negotiation workshop was superb. We will be calling you for other services and recommend that your clients and prospects do the same.The content and delivery were very effective. Your professionalism extended to doing research on our company, designing exercises tailored to our requests, and addressing many relevant topics that we had not expected. We love the humorous style.

Mary White, Cogdell Corporation, Charlotte, NC
I enjoyed the seminar.

Karen Zeman, Presbyterian Homes and Services, NJ
Thank you again for a great seminar. You made it interesting and provided useful info.

Alan Easton, Peterborough Basket Co, NH
I attended your seminar in Bedford NH and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it, thank you. In fact, I started to implement some change immediately upon my return to work.

Meredith O’Dwyer, APICS, Santa Rosa, CA
“The seminars were a great success, due to your customer service ethic, content mastery, and speaking/training skill...We are pleased to provide our highest recommendation.”

Tim Sutton, Purchasing, Heyl & Patterson, Pittsburgh, PA

“I would like to express my satisfaction with your seminar. It was an enjoyable, learning experience. You really put together a very entertaining and informational program.”

Brian Doane, APICS, Nashua, NH
“Your Negotiating seminar ranked among the best our members have ever had the occasion to attend. Please count Southern New Hampshire Chapter among your satisfied customers”

Mitch O'Brien, Columbus, Ohio
“Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your presentation”

Rob French, Virginia Credit Union
“I attended your seminar in Richmond VA, enjoyed it and learned a lot.”

Amy Sisson, Accor (Hotels) North America
Thanks for a valuable, entertaining, and thoroughly practical negotiation seminar.

Frances Orchowski, Transamerica Intellitech, Sacramento, CA
I came to your seminar as a sponge ready to soak up any information, for the purchasing function. What I received was more than just how to purchase. I found ways to implement many of the principles that we covered in your class. You were a great instructor.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Robert Menard. I have known him for more than ten years. I am not only a friend but have attended his training seminars and read his books. Robert provides a logical practical approach in his courses. When you attend one of his seminars, you end up with much more than you bargained for. Whether it’s increasing your sales, smarter purchasing or negation techniques, the student will leave the course with an arsenal of skill sets that can put to use immediately. The courses contain current material that can be used not only in the work environment but in your personal life as well. You will find that after you attend his seminars, you can bring in more sales, increased profits and a better way to negotiate. He is definitely a leader in the industry. Robert would be an asset to any organization and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.

Brent Herold, APICS, New Orleans, LA
“The group thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, your energetic and engaging style, and the way you stimulated universal audience involvement. You did a great job.”

Sherry Mistro-Henn, Nashville, TN
“I attended your seminar in Indianapolis and wanted to thank you again I enjoyed the seminar very much and would like to be informed if you offer any others in the future.”

Gary J. Brown, Sr.
“I was in your seminar in Washington, DC. You had a great program and your style is great.”

Marie Tassin, L & L Products, Inc., Romeo, MI
“Thank you again for a fun, as well as educational seminar. I came home completely uplifted.

Dick Webb, Louisiana (after attending a seminar in Salt Lake City)
“Mr. Menard, thanks, and I hope to see you soon at another seminar.

Becky Carrick, Jim Beam Brands Co., Clermont, KY
I really enjoyed your seminar”.

Carole Ramsey, City of Indio, CA
“Just wanted to say what a great seminar. Thanks for the info.”

Armand Markarian, Massapequa Public Schools, Long Island, NY
“I had the pleasure of taking your seminar in the NYC office. You did a great job on the course and I picked up some valuable information.”

Sandra Coffey, Buyer, Specialty Electronics, Inc., Landrum, SC
“I recently attended your seminar Charlotte, NC. This has proved very helpful to me and I wanted to say thank you.”

David Frazer, VA Hospital, Rosebud, OR
“Thank you again for the seminar. Your presentation was the most professional, well laid out, enjoyable seminar I have attended. You kept everyone's attention throughout the entire session.”

Linda Lopez, Mission Rubber Company, Corona, CA
“I look forward to another seminar conducted by you. I have to say I was "dreading" the thought of sitting through a seminar where the speaker probably had no sense of humor. Thank you for proving me wrong on that note.”

Kim Sims, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, CA
I wanted to thank you for the great seminar.. I learned a lot.”

Reed Christianson, Boeing Corp, Seattle, WA
I attended your seminar Minneapolis, an excellent program, due totally to the quality of the presenter!”

Stephanie Peters, C.P.M., NAPM Central Texas (Waco)
“Your speech and seminar on were the best that we have ever enjoyed. Your technical expertise and professional delivery earned the highest satisfaction rating from the evaluations of our members. You have earned our highest recommendation.

Richard Head, Director of Seminar Operations, American Management Association
“Bob's experience in purchasing, and in the process of negotiation, were apparent in the first few minutes after I met him. He was quick, articulate, funny, disarming, and truly believed in maintaining the relationship side of the negotiation. Bob quickly became one of the "go to" experts when it came to AMA developing seminar content in the purchasing and negotiation arenas. Bob is one of those rare individuals who's perpetually curious, technically brilliant, very personable, and who gets great results. I recommend him highly.”

Training in Sales Negotiation

Rex Fithian,AMCS, CSE, Managing Partner, RxSales, Dallas, TX
“Bob Menard has done for negotiation what Zig Ziglar has done for sales! If you're looking to work with someone who's competence is surpassed only by his integrity, then talk to Robert.”

Bridgette Bienacker, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association
“Your enthusiasm is outstanding. We plan on working with you in the future. “

Mike Travers, National Sales Manager, BASF Corporation, New Jersey
“Your work with our people equipped our team with essential tools, strategies, and insights into collaborating with our supply side brethren to move away from an adversarial approach and into the true, consultative and partnering mode of doing business.”

Doug Longenecker, Hollow Core Inc, Michigan
“This is the best seminar I have been to in twenty years of going to all kinds of training sessions. It seemed useful, forever current, and you delivered the messages, in a no-nonsense but friendly way. Thanks.”

Grant Maxwell, Strescon Limited, Nova Scotia, Canada
“I attended last year and enjoyed it very much. I would like you to review the body language and speech aspects of your talk.”

Michael Wilberg, Corporate Purchasing Manger, Phillips Origen Plastics, WI
“We appreciate the effort in customizing the content to our workplace. Your down to earth energetic presentation helped us to redirect our energies to produce greater results.”

Jeff Reynolds, President, Reynolds, Inc. Orleans, IN
“We appreciate the skills our folks gleaned from your negotiation program. They took away practical tools and techniques to apply in overcoming challenges that we face every day in the construction industry. We recommend your services.”

Michele Markey, Manager of Training, American Management Association
“I had the good fortune to meet Bob when we were both affiliated with the American Management Association. He is extremely talented and in constant demand as a Trainer. Bob has a tremendous amount of expertise and is one of the most engaging, talented trainers and business professionals I have worked with in 25 years in industry.”

Professional Speeches

Mary Lou Taylor, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association
“Congratulations on the great job at our convention. You brought the house down and entertained the group in a way that kept them talking about body language signals. We received many expressions of praise and satisfaction from the audiences. You have certainly earned our seal of approval.”

Norman Saenz, Manager of Logistics Consulting, Carter & Burgess, Fort Worth, TX
“Your talk on Communication Deficit Disorder was among the best received and generated much positive feedback. Your content expertise and speaking talent is a rare combination. We heartily recommend your services to other convention clients”.

Brian Hall, National Vice President Marketing, Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“The Sales Negotiation program you delivered in March in Toronto was one of the most successful we have ever presented. We have recommended you to others and hope to repeat the event soon at our earliest mutual convenience. Your services provided a great value to our members. Thank you for a job well done and best wishes for the future”

Misty M Maxie, Fort Worth, TX
“Thank you for being such a dynamic speaker. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

Dr. Ron Withers, American Society of Safety Engineers, Longview,Texas
“You were able to grab the audience’s attention, motivate and entertain them while “driving home” an important message.”

Alex Morales, Director, National Precast Concrete Association
“Thank you for your fine professional efforts in helping to make our events succeed this year. We highly recommend your services to any meeting planner.”

Ken Bowman, Executive Vice President, Sealant, Waterproofing, & Restoration Institute
“Thank you for the attention and professional skill devoted to making our Winter Meeting such a success. Our members clearly took the keynote message to heart.”

Lecia Adams, Programs Chair, Mid-Ohio Valley ISM, Parkersburg, WV
“You boosted the spirits of everyone who attended”

Dave Lieber, columnist, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
“Bob is business focused, able to toss away distractions that waste time and money. He is exemplary at training, consulting and at presenting at conventions and meetings. He exemplifies the work ethic of someone who under promises and over delivers. Bob showed me how to be a smarter business person in ways that quickly helped my bottom line.”

Vicki Hitzges, Certified Speaking Professional, National Speakers Association
“Robert Menard is a funny, smart negotiator. He'll charm your group, make them laugh and send them home smarter than they were when they walked in.

Max Jaffe, CEO, Spending Solutions, Inc
“He is the leading advocate for making money by saving it. He makes money for his clients by helping them save it and cost reduction is the number one way to increased profitability.”


Harry Hough, Ph.D, President, American Purchasing Society, Aurora, IL
Your ability, experience, and professional credentials lead your training clients to seek consulting services and your consulting clients to seek your training services. We are happy to have established a strategic relationship between our firms for this purpose.

Marc A. Cote, Principal, Leaseone America, Providence, RI
“Robert is an extremely conscientious, professional, and enthusiastic about his work and industry knowledge. He possesses excellent communication skills, and provides great value for the services and program content that he provides. I highly recommend Robert Menard!”

Gary Beaudreau, Progress Software, Bedford, MA
“Shortly after I joined Progress Software Corporation in March of 2008, I met Robert; he provided me with a tremendous amount of support and value during the initial months of my tenure with Progress. Specifically, Robert was instrumental in helping my organization develop and negotiate various best-in-class RFP’s and supplier contracts and he provided invaluable counsel on a number of other key projects (i.e., centralized purchasing, procurement cards, spend analysis, travel services sourcing, etc.). From time to time I still seek out Robert’s advice on a number of key procurement/sourcing initiatives as I have found his knowledge and skill to be among the best that I have seen in my 30+ years in the profession.”

Annie Hughes, Emerson Ecologics, Bedford, NH
“I highly recommend Mr. Menard on both his knowledge of Purchasing policy, principles and processes, and his keen ability to negotiate and obtain cost reductions and coach others.”

Steve Szalkai , Operations Manager Rempel Bros. Concrete Ltd. Vancouver, BC Canada
We held our mixer truck purchasing meeting the day after meeting with you. It was very successful because the group of 14 people agreed on the principal of Total Cost of Ownership. The concept works and we will be using this approach to all our purchasing. Thank you for giving us the tools to allow us to make a better purchasing decision.

Debbie Cross, Knoxville, TN
I am really excited about this program and I will probably be getting in touch with you quite often for help and guidance.

Peter Kazmier, President, ABC Associates, Inc, Woonsocket, R.I.
Bob has the skill, talent, and proven record of success that you want in a consultant. I recommend that you get him on your team.

Quoc-Tang Van Le, President, KVL Company Inc, Vancouver, WA
I am happy to recommend your work based upon what you did for us

Armand Deluise, President, Video Dynamics, Warwick, RI
I am still benefiting from your cash flow recommendations. You made some very astute observations.

Max Muller, President, Max Muller & Associates LLC, Overland Park, KS
“In the 20 years I have spent in the world of corporate consulting, training and coaching, I can attest that Robert is among the most knowledgeable individuals I have had the pleasure to have worked with. His skill set is current, real-world and practical. Any organization would benefit from not only his expertise, but also from his ability to formulate and deliver effective counseling and training.”