Robert Menard
"It Ain't the Price - It's the COST!"
"Sell for a dollar, earn a dime -
Save the same dollar, earn ten dimes"
Purchasing and Negotiations Courses

Purchasing and Negotiations Courses

Robert Menard brings his purchasing and negotiations expertise to you in multimedia. Visit the links below to view both online courses and deliverable media.

Educational Resources

Consulting Services

  • Telephone for $477 for one time up to 3 hours

  • $77 per month unlimited, minimum one year subscription on any purchasing or negotiation topic

  • Subscription includes free book and CD sets

In addition to live seminars in purchasing and negotiation education & training, the digital age is increasing the demand for online and CD/DVD media. To meet that demand, he is ramping up the production of these resources, that will be available soon! There will be many one hour sessions complete with a recorded session, PPT slides, handouts and work books.